MYwave 1.0 HCMS Suite

If you subscribe to the philosophy that your employees are your greatest assets, then you should take a close look at what we are offering.

Our "Human Capital Management System" modules are designed such that when all of them are working together, you will be able to manage, with diligence and success, the full employee life-cycle within your company. In this context, a "Life Cycle" means the duration from the time your new employee is sourced to the time they become key leaders of your company.

During this time, the career progression of your employees will need to be managed with great care so that their progress is matched to their abilities to contribute to improving your company's value.

We, however recognize that "One Size Does Not Fit All" for all our customers. In addition, we also recognize that a single company cannot do everything without external partners.

As a result, we have designed each module to be able to stand alone and offered as an option to our customers to select and built to your own requirements. Also, we have designed our system such that you can easily customer configure collaboration rules with external partners who are also using our systems.