We are a Malaysian MSC company that is focused on the development of a vertically integrated Human Capital Management Software solution based on a cost effective web-based open sourced platform.

It is our belief that Human Capital will become one of the key success factors in business as the knowledge revolution progresses. As a result, all companies, big or small, will need to establish excellent process to manage your people like they are your greatest assets.

Our mission is to provide an affordable software solution to our customers, such that world -class people management processes can be installed into your organizations with minimum disruptions.

To complement our flagship software platform, we will also be providing custom software solutions and support to our customers, particularly in the areas of database driven business websites, Human Capital and Management consulting. By providing the above complementary value-added activities, we will not only be able to provide you with our flagship software, but also ensure that you are properly supported in terms of process expertise, as well as help you customize your applications to your customer facing requirements.

We are currently in the final stages of completion for the development of Version 1 of our solution.  It is time now to find interested customers who are currently in need of a good human capital management process to work with us to test and customize our solution to meet your needs.